Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who Had the Hot Hand?

We had a great time at the Shootathon Monday night. It sure was a lot of fun to see the players in a relaxed atmosphere! And it sure was good to see Morgan out there shooting! She was the "designated shooter" for Hannah and did a great job.

So who was the top shooter?


She totaled 269 out of a possible 300 points--WOW! Congratulations, Grace!

Here are the other scores--

Jayne Appel 234
Sarah Boothe 266
Ashley Cimino 262
Hannah Donaghe 262 by Morgan
Jillian Harmon 262
Michelle Harrison 259
Lindy La Rocque 259
Melanie Murphy 217
Nneka Ogwumike 250
Kayla Pedersen 260
Jeanette Pohlen 246

Ros will be shooting at a later date as she was not available on Monday.

If you pledged, you will be receiving a notice in the mail as to the amount you owe. If you didn't, you still can! Use the form here to pledge.

We always mix a little pleasure with the Shootathon business. Moonshots reigned as the 3 point shooting contest was won by Lindy. After many, many tries by everyone (Coach Amy was afraid everyone would be sore the next day!), Kayla sank the Half Court shot.

All $$ raised at the Shootathon this year will be used for the upcoming tour to Italy--I'll keep you posted later on how we did.

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