Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shootathon on Monday!

Our next event is coming up on Monday, February 23--The Shootathon! This is our 2nd biggest fundraiser of the year, so we hope you will join in by pledging and attending. Lynne Klaeveman and Nancy Sabbag are doing a terrific job in putting this event together.

How does it work? You select the player(s) that you want to support with your pledge amount. Each player will take 200 shots with a maximum total of 300 points awarded. Players receive 2 points for a made outside shot (200 possible points) and 1 point for a lay-up (100 possible points). So as an example, if you pledge $1.00 per point and your player scores 245, your donation will be $245. Easy stuff! You will be notified after the event of the amount due for your pledges.

The funds raised by this year's Shootathon will go a long way in support of a Team Trip to Italy this year--see Tara's letter here for the details.

The event will begin at 7 pm with the players shooting for their pledges. While that is going on, we will be selling raffle tickets for the 3 point shooting contest. You pick the winning class and you will have a chance to win a picture of you with the entire team! A once in a lifetime opportunity with this terrific group that we have this year.

We'll also have a few Silent Auction items--hopefully, something for everybody to bid on.

This is a great time to see the Players in a relaxed setting--bring the kids and your camera!

You can find the pledge form here. We hope that you'll participate in any way that you can and that the nets are on FIRE so we maximize the pledges! If you cannot attend the event itself, feel free to pledge anyway!

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