Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bracket Musings and Other Stuff

Some thoughts about pairings and the Selection Show--

--Could Carolyn Peck really not know what Stanford's point guard situation is? Could she have maybe watched one half of a Pac-10 tournament game?

--That wacky NCAA committee! Since they have grown tired of putting Stanford and Oklahoma in the same brackets to rehash the Susan King incident, now they give us:
---Duke going to East Lansing so Coach P. can take the rath of her former fans
---Stanford potentially playing former staff member Beth Burns on her home court, potentially playing Amy Tucker's alma mater (Ohio State) and/or potentially meeting Tennessee in a rematch of last year's championship game

--why are ASU and Cal in the same bracket? And could it be any harder for them? ASU will play Georgia in Duluth. Cal will play in LA, but could meet a very seasoned Marist team in the second round. And then, in the end, there is UConn. I read somewhere that this bracket may be like driving in Thelma and Louise's car if you are not the Huskies. The visual works!

--Stanford finally got into some of ESPN's commercials, though Tara's appearance is a subliminal message compared with the time given Pat and Geno .

--who is Trey Wingo and why won't he go away?

--no one from Stanford will ever promise to pay back their scholarship at current tuition prices.

--first round games that I am eager to see are:
Villanova vs. Utah--'Nova s-l-o-w-s everthing down, so this should be interesting
Louisville vs. Liberty--how will the Cardinals bounce back from the drubbing they took in the Big East tourney from UConn
Notre Dame vs. Minnesota--2 teams going in opposite directions
South Dakota St vs. TCU--are the JackRabbits for real?
Rutgers vs. VCU--The Scarlet Knights have been sputtering but get to play at home

--can't complain about the Final Four picks of Kara and Carolyn, now can we? Hope they're right!

--Since I can't get to San Diego, I am ready to assume the full couch potato position for this weekend! How 'bout you? Is there any better time of the year?

--As our Team starts on the March to the Arch, here's wishing:
--Jayne keeps getting double teamed while Nneka is standing alone under the basket waiting for her usual assists. Then they give up the double team and we know what happens then.
--Jeannette and Kayla keep up their steady and heady play.
--Sarah keeps inspiring "B-O-O-O-O-T-H-E"s.
--Ros keeps hitting those 3's.
--Jillian keeps being Jill the Thrill.
--Lindy keeps making those hustle plays and rainbow shots.
--Mel and Michelle keep contributing valuable minutes .
--Ashley gets in the books.
--Grace and Morgan are worn out from celebrating 3's.
--JJ keeps smiling.


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