Monday, February 09, 2009

Can We Sellout Maples?


As of this morning, 4,086 tickets have been sold to this

Saturday's game at Maples vs. Cal.

Let's face it, folks, if this game isn't a sellout, it will be a great disappointment!
What more incentive is needed than--

--it's the Battle of the Bay
--both teams are ranked in the Top 10 nationally
--first place in the PAC 10 is at stake
--Stanford would love to avenge a loss from last month
--it's Pink Zone night in support of breast cancer research
--it's a chance to boo Oski
--it's Valentines Day
--it's Candice Wiggins birthday

Cal drew 10,126 in their home portion of the Rivalry series. Obviously, we can't do that, but we can do all that we can to show a national TV audience that Card Fans are serious about their team.

I know, many of us have our tickets in hand. So what can we do?

--if you don't have tickets and you were on the fence about going, get off it! Do yourself a favor and go to the ticket office this week instead of waiting in what may be a huge walkup.

--if you can't go, make sure your tickets are used.

--if you ever wanted to introduce someone to the sport, there would be no better time. It is sure to be a great environment. And I've always found, once you get someone there, they always come back! So invite your friends and neighbors. Heck, even invite your enemies as long as they are Stanford fans!

--take a group! Call 650-736-8191 and check for special discounts for groups of 10 or more.

--it is a little unfortunate that it is the Pink night, so we can't show off our Cardinal. So, let's just flood the place in pink and consider that our color for the night. It would be a great tribute to Coach Yow as well.

--we all know that Maples can ROCK like no other place once we get it going. Commit yourself to a maximum effort, even if you are voiceless on Sunday! Remember the Tennessee game at home last year? Yep, like that!

--signs? goofy attire? beads? Pom poms? You know what to do!

This is our chance to pull out all of the stops.......LET'S DO THIS, PEOPLE!

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