Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't Wait---Nominate!

This season is flying by, isn't it? Seemed like just yesterday that we had an Auction--which was before Thanksgiving! Coming up real soon is the annual Fan Appreciation day on Saturday, February 21. This is a day to honor FBCers and volunteers at the Post Game tent.
There is always one very special presentation of the Margie Santillian Fan Spirit Award. This award was established in memory Margie, one of the original Uber Boosters for the WBB program. Margie was supremely dedicated to all things Cardinal and it is SO fitting that this award bears her name.
I have told this story before, but here is an example of Margie's fandom--we once traveled to Oregon State for the game. We were quite rushed and only had time to pick up tacos from a drive-thru before the game. This was when OSU was our main competitor in the PAC 10 and we were tense. But the Cardinal prevailed! After that, Margie insisted that we all eat tacos before every game until there was a game was lost. Wouldn't you know that a long winning streak would follow? It took me a long time before I could look a taco in the eye!
So what's the award all about?
This award is presented annually to a member of the Fast Break Club who has enthusiastically supported the team and coaching staff during the basketball season, participated in some volunteer aspect of the Fast Break Club, promoted camaraderie among the boosters,
solicited new game attendees, season ticket holders and Fast Break Club members, and
attended one or more away games (not including Cal or any other Bay Area locations).
Do you know someone deserving of this award? Let the Selection Committee know before February 6th! Submit your nomination by email to Jackie Anderson, or speak to her at a game or post-game tent before the 6th.
Last year's winners, Dave and Marian Cortesi, are pictured above. And I am proud to say I am a past winner as well. Nothing has ever honored me more.

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