Friday, December 23, 2011

Can the Card Save the Day?

Despite the busy schedule
Santa and his merry crew
Took some time on Tuesday
To see what Stanford would do.

The win was worth taking time
From the busy schedule this year
But Santa was really remiss
And forgot to check his reindeer.

So when he went for a final check
And visited the barn
The condition of the critters
Was cause for great alarm.

Blitzen had an awful cold
And all Comet did was sneeze
And poor Rudolph's nose
Needed some new LEDs.

Prancer had been true to his name
And had danced too much like Jagger
The others had hit the Nog too hard
So the team had lost their swagger.

Santa was in a fix
So he had to think real hard
And, remembering the recent wins,
Thought he could call on the Card.

"When it comes to a team", he thought,
"I couldn't ask for more
Than to put together such a group
As Stanford puts on the floor".

"After all,  they have a Tinkle
To make the season bright
Oh, and a Ruef, which we land on
So, yes, this does seem right!"

"Not to mention two perfect names,
Taylor Greenfield and Alex Green
And the team features a lot of Grace
And sleigh potential yet unseen."

"I know that Nneka and Chiney
Already know how to fly
With assists from Toni and Amber
We will rocket through the sky!"

"Lindy, Sara, Jasmine too
Erica, Bonnie and Boothe
I think the Holidays can be saved!
And that's the honest truth!"

So Santa sat down for a spell
And once again could breathe
"I'll call Tara tomorrow" he thought
"And the children can believe."

Because one thing he really knew
These players, these sisters, this team
Could make anything happen
When chasing a common dream.

So the elves went ahead and packed the sleigh
And the reindeer booked a flight
To Hawaii to get some sun
Because they would be off for the night.

And as Santa got his act together
And practiced his Ho Ho Ho
He made sure to include a joyful cheer

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  1. Thank you so much, Dana! Brought a tear (a happy one) to my eye.