Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Fan Challenge for Fresno!

OK, the Stanford FBC Twitterverse (@stanfordfbc) is exploding with an idea for us Card Fans for Fresno!  Thought it should be shared here.

Here is your challenge--LET'S NERD IT UP in FRESNO
by wearing NERD GLASSES! 
You know like--

Some creative ideas are popping up--

--$5 sunglasses from the drugstore and pop out the lenses?
--$2 Groucho Glasses and remove the Hair and Nose?

Some of us will be double nerdy because we will have
to wear nerd glasses over our regular ones.

Let's see what we can do--you know the team would love it!


  1. Absolutely hilarious, this is a great idea :)

  2. love the idea; hope I can find something appropriate

  3. Everyone spread the NERD WORD to anyone going to Fresno!