Thursday, October 20, 2011

What about the Auction?

Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.
                                 ~Robert C. Gallagher

You may have noticed that we had an Auction date posted on this website to be held in conjunction with the Gonzaga game on November 13. You may have also noticed that it has been removed from the calendar.

So, what’s up?

After some lengthy conversations between FBC volunteers and the Coaching staff, we have decided to not hold an Auction this season. Several considerations went into this decision—

--Funding regulations regarding foreign tours are in the midst of being changed. This has always been the primary reason for holding the Auction and it is not clear what effect the changes will have on the methods that are acceptable for fundraising.

--More stringent rules are in force which could limit the sort of items that could be sold.

--Our pool of Auction volunteers—a hearty bunch for many years—has dwindled. Life changes and folks move on and some of our expertise and manpower has moved along with them.

This was a tough decision, because it is such a fun event and don’t we all like to get our hands on some cool stuff or get to do some cool things? But as we reviewed what we were facing for this season, it just was the best decision to make.

Does this mean we will never have an Auction again? Not sure, and we will need to give considerations to conditions on a season-by-season basis.

The good news is that the move to the Buck-Cardinal Club has been a financial success which has eased the fundraising burdens that allows Coaches to do what they do best—COACH! And we get to sit back and enjoy another great season of Stanford Women’s Basketball!

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