Tuesday, March 02, 2010


--Lindsey Vonn & Jayne Appel.  Separated at birth?

--Don't tell anyone that I told you but there are Cowbell apps that you can download (for free!) onto your phone.  I learned this during the Olympics.  Not exactly a Tinkle bell, but.......

--A big Shout Out to Douglas Lee and Kellee Noonan for arranging our get-togethers to watch games at First and Main in Los Altos.  A great time was had by all at the ASU party, including Jeannette Chang, who won the grand raffle prize--an autographed team ball.  If you haven't been to First and Main, give it a try--great food, great people and great atmosphere.  And the Mom-in-Law of one of the owners is a long time SWBB season ticket holder! 

--If Stanford gets to the Regional in Sacramento, it will be a somewhat bittersweet visit for me.  Many of us made a trip or two to Arco each year to watch Nicole and the Monarchs.  It is hard to believe that they are gone.  On the bright side, perhaps a trip to watch Ms. Powell in New York is in order?

--I still don't get the need for Conference tournaments.  If you do, can you fill me in?  It seems to me it is a chance to reward a team that gets hot for just one weekend over a team that has excelled throughout a conference schedule. 

--Whoever thought up the Fear the Tree t-shirts is a genius.

--I am always amazed at the dynamics of Stanford vs. Cal.  I once had a boss who was a Cal Alum and huge football fan.  He told me that he hated Stanford the most, even more than USC.  I didn't think that was even possible for someone who follows football!  For some reason, I still liked the guy, just like I like the Bears when they are not playing the Cardinal.

--That being said, BEAT CAL!


  1. You are not alone in your random thoughts...

    Why Conference tournaments?

    Why do Cal football fans hate Stanford so much? (I have the same situation with a colleague.)

    I knew L. Vonn looked familiar!!!

    Just got my Fear the Tree shirt:)

    Thanks for sharing, Dana!

  2. Got the CowBell app. Thanks, Dana!!