Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh, How We Will Miss You!

One would think, after seeing so many Senior Nights, this all would get easier.  It just doesn't.

Every class is special and this one is no exception.

Talented players, of course, but also fabulous people.  As  FBCers, we have a chance for some intereraction with the players and I have to say every one I have had with this group has been memorable in that they are all kind and caring individuals. 
(And really good at squeezing money out of people as live auctioneers!)


As much as I will miss them all on the court (and I am holding out lots of hope for returns!), I think I will miss their personalities even more.  Looking at that picture of Mel above just reminds me of what a wonderful goofball she can be.  She can always bring a smile, sometimes with a no look pass!

And Jayne, the quintessential California Girl--flip-flops, pink nail polish and steely determination.

Michelle, always friendly and outgoing.

JJ is a rock who battled back from major setbacks twice
with tenacity and grace.

And then there is Ros.

Ros gets a little extra shoutout from me because I am one of her "Locker Moms".  I recall that special personality from the very first time I saw her at a post-game meeting.  She never failed to share a smile and a laugh or two.  My favorite quote from her was regarding her relationship with Tara--
"We're in counseling."  
She became a Go To spokeman for the team on her way to having an outstanding senior campaign, becoming a shutdown defender and steady scorer.  She will be hard to replace.

I don't know about you, but am planning to relish the upcoming TWELVE games that are in front of this team, with a special eye of appreciation on these wonderful women!

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  1. A great job, Dana, in capturing the individual specialness of these great young women.