Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fashion Police

As I watched the Grammy fashion wrap-ups recently, I got to wondering—what if Women’s Basketball was subject to such scrutiny? I remember working with Marianne Stanley when she was at Stanford. We gave her some grief about a little red and gold number she wore while coaching at USC and she said, “You guys pay way too much attention!”   Well, I suppose we do—we’re fans!   Plus, as long as we are wearing our colors, we are considered suave.

The first coach to peak my sartorial interest was UVA’s Debbie Ryan. Her current wardrobe is nicely up to date, but in the early 1990’s, it appeared that she was using curtains for her wardrobe.   I couldn’t find a picture online, but this is a good reminder—

I suppose we need to give everyone a pass on the late 80’s and early 90’s. I recall Coach Tara wearing a polka dot and plaid combo during the 1989-1990 season. I think it was a lucky outfit!
And then there was this—

But today, there are a few things that make you go “wow!”

Sometimes, wearing your team colors is good--

Sometimes, not so much--

Men have it easy—

Unless they are still taking fashion tips from Bill Cosby—

It is good to be a Fashionista—

And Geno always looks the same—

High Heels on the court—are they appropriate? Discuss! 
I admire their sure-footedness--I could never do it!

But there is always someone who stands out from the crowd.  Maybe like Cher or Bjork
at the Academy Awards or Lady Gaga anywhere! 
Yes, there is one coach who is always first on the "wonder what she will wear" list.

 I sure am glad I am not a coach!


  1. We need to get a shot of the three women coaches at UCLA and their mandatory 4" heels!!

    Cyd Crampton

  2. I remember our coaches getting off the bus in LA one night after a game, and I thought "that is the most gorgeous group of women I've ever seen". I love how our coaches dress. Some others, especially the heels (!)not so much, esp. "that coach" at ASU. I don't think Pat can help herself. After all, what can you possibly find in orange?, much less burnt orange (GG at Texas).