Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I used to be a good bowler. Whenever I had over 700 for a 3 game series, that was considered REALLY good. But heck, it only took me 3 hours to do that, not 28 seasons.

700 is a REALLY BIG number.

Consider this--

--1 win every day for almost all of 2 years would total 700

--700 venti lattes at Starbucks would cost over $3000

--Brett Favre is considered the mark of NFL Football toughness because he has started 253 straight games--he'd have to play about 27 more seasons to hit 700, at which time he would be 65

--only 3 players in MLB history have hit over 700 home runs

--this pumpkin weighs 700 pounds--

--if you flew cross country 700 times (SFO-JFK), you would log 1,810,200 miles
--if you ate 700 Big Macs, you would ingest 378,000 calories

--you would need to drive nearly 11 hours at 65 mph to go 700 miles

--if you are special, you have a winning percentage in the high 700s

--if you are special, you win a whole bunch of games with the constant devotion of your players, coaches and boosters

--if you are special, you can take a year off and still make 700, not even counting the 60 games you won that year (without a loss)

Tara--special. Yep, that works. Glad I've been around to see so much of it!

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    Nice, Dana, really nice. Thanks, Andre