Friday, April 09, 2010

Love Hurts

Feelings are not supposed to be logical.
Dangerous is the man who has rationalized his emotions.
                                          --David Borenstein
I have not been particularly rational since Tuesday night.  Sometimes, being a fan is tough.  Not anything like the players, coaches and families, to be sure.  But difficult, nonetheless.
I suppose it is because you travel a journey with a team.  Through their trials and triumphs, you see it all, read about it, think about it, talk about it.  And it is not just for that particular year--it is a culminaton of seeing individuals over four (or, in some cases, five) years. 
It probably wasn't logical to think that the Cardinal would beat UConn, but logic wasn't what was happening to this team.  I mean, come on!
--Beating both Duke and the Lady Vols  in one week
--Running the table in the PAC-10 and the conference tournament
--Ros' improbable 26 point Maples farewell
--Jeannette's breathtaking 4.4 dash
--Nneka's highest ever 38 semi-final points
--UConn's 12 first half points?  Impossible!  Maya Moore usually has that in the first five minutes all by herself! 
--Jayne pulling a Willis Reed by coming back time after time with an injury that was much worse than we knew
So it seemed, for a while, as if logic might just be oventaken by destiny.  Maybe that is what makes it hurt so much.  Because dreaming and defying logic is what makes being a fan so much fun.  Taking the lowest lows along with the highest highs are part of the deal, even if it doesn't feel so great at the time.
I know we will all miss Jayne (and her steadfast family!) and Ros and Michelle.  Even as new players come in and steal our hearts, our Alums always keep that special place which is developed over their careers.
As I sat on the Riverwalk on Monday, I reflected on how lucky I have been to follow this team through the years.  What great places I have visited and what wonderful friends I have mde and what terrific memories I have!  And even as I walked away from the Alamodome Tuesday in a bit of a fog, I knew one thing--I wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world.


  1. Thanks, Dana. Most of my family and friends could not understand the funk I was in this week. You come to feel like a mom to these tremendous athletes and students and are disappointed when things don't go their way. You feel their pain when they are injured and you share their joy when the exceed expectations.

    Oh, what to do with all the extra time now? And how long will it take before checking the FBC website ISN'T the first thing I do every morning?

  2. Dana,

    Well said. You covered the highs and lows so well. I love this team.