Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So, How About the Auction?

Finally, we have put together the numbers and can announce that the
Back in the Saddle Again auction raised


With this amount, since 2005, the FBC auctions have raised over


We hope that you enjoy the event each year as we strive to make it not just profitable, but enjoyable too. It takes a lot of work to put on an event like this--
so KUDOS go out to the great FBC Fundraising Committee!

Anne Alexander
Harriet Benson
Katrina Bennett
Katy Carrell
Joyce Dean
Judy Dunn
Lynne Klaeveman
Denice Merlo
Donna Rancatore
Nancy Sabbag
Laura Sprague
Jo Sturdivan
Judy Sweeney
Judy Washburn
Lily Wong

I want to give a very special shout out to
for all of the wonderful decorations including the Wanted Posters!

And how about that "Tara Evans" created by Deb and Nancy Sabbag? Wasn't that the BEST?

And what would we do without our Event Volunteers?

Sally Clevenger
Dave Cortesi
Marian Cortesi
Judy Creek
Karen Dickinson
Deanna Dickman
Bob Dodge
Mary Dodge
Peter Elderon
Joan Hinkley
Jeanne Mayr
Kelly Mazzei
Richard Nancarrow
Su Shaffer
Natalie Shinkevich
Alice Smith
Diana Wahler

Special thanks to Margy Lee for her help with the decorations,
including that Big Ol' Horse!
Margy was able to borrow it from
and we are so grateful to them--check them out!

Thanks to all of our fabulous donors--you can see them here.

Special thanks to Eileen Roche and Amy Tucker for all of their support!
Next up will be the Shootathon--date TBD, so stay tuned!

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