Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Santa Again

As Christmas approached
Santa's on the Card wagon
But the Elves were all doing
A bit too much braggin'.

"We smushed Blue Demons and Devils
And that team coached by Pat!
And we took down the Huskies,
At least for a Half!"

While Santa thought much
Of the December run
He had to put an end
To all the Elves' fun.

"I said it last year
And I'll say it again.
The middle doesn't count!
It's how the season ends!"

"So it's not from a loss
Or the wins that they earn.
It's what they do with it
And how much they learn!"

The Elves thought for a moment
And sipped some egg nog
And suddenly came out
Of the pre-season fog.

"Of course, you're right, Santa!
They will get even better!
Tara, Amy, Bobbie and Kate
Will teach down to the letter!

Jayne patrolling the paint
With Nneka and Jos,
And lock-down defense
By Jeanette and Ros,

And timely shot making
By Kayla, JJ and Mel
And with the bench play
Of Lindy, Ash and Michelle,

Not to mention contributions
from Mikaela and Grace,
And cheering from Sarah and Hannah!
This is a team to embrace!"

At this, Santa smiled
At the thought about when
The Cardinal starts play
Throughout the PAC-10.

His toy making over
He'd be ready to cheer
And get ready for March Madness--
His real favorite time of year!

So he packed up his sleigh
And headed into the night
To make children's Christmas
All shiny and bright.

The reindeer took flight
To Santa's "Ho-Ho-Ho!"
Followed quickly by cheering
Of "Go Stanford! Go!"

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

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