Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whither Bobbie and Kate's Lockers?

Since my last blog about locker sponsorships, we had three of the available lockers snapped up! Grace Mashore, Mikaela Ruef and Coach Tara will have new, shiny gold plaques on their lockers this season.

Wondering who is left? Well, no other than Assistant Coaches Bobbie Kelsey and Kate Paye. Wouldn't it be a shame if their lockers went unsponsored this year? They are not chopped liver, after all!

To recap--
  • each locker sponsorship is $1,500
  • coaches locker sponsorship is for 4 years
  • your name or dedication is put on an engraved plaque on the locker
  • you will have your picture taken with your sponsoree

The sponsorship of the lockers go a long way to provide funds that keep the Stanford Cardinal at the top of the National scene year after year. If you are interested in sponsoring either Bobbie or Kate, contact Eileen Roche at or 650-725-8104.

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