Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lockers for Sale! Tara's and more!

No, the Stanford Locker Room does not look like this! It's a lot messier!

Just kidding--this is actually Jane Stanford's room from the Stanford mansion in Sacramento. But I digress.....

Several years ago, Stanford Women's Basketball started a program of locker sponsorship. The initial intent was to help in the locker room remodeling that was underway. Moving forward, the funds raised are used for the Women's Basketball Improvement Fund. This Fund is used for items such as foreign trips, video editing equipment and locker room improvements.

Here's the deal--
  • each locker sponsorship is $1,500
  • player lockers sponsorship is for the length of their career
  • coach lockers sponsorship is for 4 years
  • your name or dedication is put on an engraved plaque on the locker
  • you will have your picture taken with your sponsoree

Now, I bet you are wondering who you could sponsor. Currently available are--

  • Bobbie Kelsey
  • Grace Mashore
  • Kate Paye
  • Mikaela Ruef
  • Tara VanDerveer

Any one of those would be a terrific choice, don't you think?

The Program depends on fund-raising efforts like this to keep at the top of the National level. Pac-10 championships and Final Fours are made possible not only by the hard work of the players and the coaching staff, but also by the money contributed so generously by avid fans like you!

Are you interested? Get in touch with Eileen Roche at or 650-725-8104.

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