Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Holiday Poem

Twas the night before Christmas
And in Cardinal Town
Everyone was feeling
A little bit down

“We lost to the Dukies
And those darned Lady Vols
We certainly don’t feel much
Like Decking the Halls!”

But Santa was ready
For such loss of spirit
“Don’t be so whiny!
I don’t want to hear it!”

“You’ve Ros, Jeanette, Jayne,
Lindy, Hannah and Mel
And you shouldn’t forget
Kayla, Jillian and Michelle!”

“Add Sarah, Ashley, Morgan,
Nneka, JJ and Grace.
Now that is a group
To bring a smile to your face!’

“You’ve got the best Coaches
In all of the land
And then not to mention
The Tree and the Band!”

“So do not despair
As all will be fine!
It’s not 2008 that counts
But April 2009!”

With that the skies opened
And all did rejoice
We can’t help but love them!
We just have no choice!

So get ready for wins galore
They’ll soon be in sight
Merry Christmas to All
And to All a good night!


  1. Dana,

    Thank you for reminding us what a wonderful gift we have in this team.

  2. Your rhyming is effortless; superbly done!

  3. Remember, they are a work in progress!
    Great poem.

  4. Thanks, Dana! Really enjoyed the rhymes. Brought a smile to my face on Christmas morning. You can't help but love this team.