Friday, December 19, 2008

Greetings from Charleston, SC

Have been spending a couple of days here in Charleston between games. It is 78 degrees here and 90% humidity--a fact I am all too aware of having packed a suitcase full of turtlenecks and sweaters. This is such a lovely city. What a difference from Durham, NC!

Durham was dark, foggy and depressing--and that was before the game! While I am sure it is lovely at times of the year, right now is not one of those times. Some of the buildings on campus are magnificent, including Cameron Indoor Arena. There is one major flaw for spectators, however, as there are no aisles in the lower stands so you are being crawled over continuously. This was no so bad when we were ahead, but my crabby quotient kept going up exponentially as the game moved on.

We had a hearty group of parents and FBCers on hand--we sat with Grace's dad and loved his upbeat attitude and major lung power. Cameron gets REALLY loud--think Mac Court loud, tin roof and all. The game was really ugly as you saw, though I suspect you didn't get to see some of the "finer" moments. Right in front of us, Jill shot a three and got clobbered--Dee Kantner was withing 3 feet of her, but was watching the shot and didn't see it. Jill hobbled down court and had to go out for a significant period of time--scary, scary stuff considering her back issues.

But the story was free throws, as we all know. So onward and upward. Off to Columbia to take on the other USC, a day in Asheville and then to Knoxville.

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