Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fun and Funds Go Together

I'm sure you know that the Auction is this Sunday and hopefully you have already picked out all of the great things you want to bid on. The goal, of course, is to raise a bunch of $$, but we also like to think that the event is just a whole bunch of fun. We really do go out of our way to try to create an environment that makes for a lively day. With this year's theme of TVLand, we have some fun decor in the works that we hope you will enjoy.

One of the best parts is having the players as auctioneers. Not that they are competitive or anything, but they sure do enjoy trying to be The Best Auctioneer on the team.

And their teammates enjoy the action, too!

So here's the details--you can check out items here.

The doors in Arrillaga Family Center (next to Maples) will open at 1 pm. The Auction will close for the game that starts at 2 pm, but will re-open immediately post game. We will have over 250 items up for your bid. Also available will be our $10 Surprise Balloons and chances to win an IPod!

We hope you can join us, but if not, see how you can bid online here.
Please note that you need to submit your bid by 8 am on Sunday morning.

LUCY SAYS "BE THERE!" or you'll have a lot of 'splainin' to do!

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