Tuesday, March 13, 2007

California Girls

OK, admit it. When was the last time you squealed with delight at the very mention of the word FRESNO. I know our house was rockin' when the bottom of the Fresno bracket was filled in with (2) Stanford!
I remember Fresno fondly because I used to go there at least once a year with my parents when I was a youngster. I got to go swimming and my dad found the best greasy hamburger place--well, he found it because our car broke down on Highway 99, but that's another story!
It probably won't be even close to the most glamorous Regional ever--so why are we so happy to be there? Well, we scoped out the area in our sub-regional visit a couple of years back so we have the lay of the land. Granted, it isn't the ritziest locale, but what could be better than staying so close to home?
Don't get me wrong--I am not overlooking the tough task ahead of us at Maples! We know, all too well, that ANYTHING can happen. (in fact, I was thinking of starting a pool to see how long into the tournament it takes for ESPN to mention Harvard vs. Stanford). But the shining light of Fresno out in the very near distance is a great motivator. Consider UConn's potential plight--how does one get to Fresno from the East Coast, anyway? Probably a bevy of connecting flights and hoping for none of that 'famous thick Fresno fog" at landing time. For us? Hop in the car, pass the Casa de Fruta, stop for a frostee in Los Banos and we're there!
Yep, we're just California Girls--and that's the way we like it!

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