Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Smells Like Stanford Spirit!

Sometimes I don't think we know how lucky we are to have the PAC 10 tournament in our own backyard. I know we all get tired with all of the games, but isn't it great to have the chance to see so much top flight basketball so close to home? And besides, we really can make the Arena a home court for our Team!

Not that I didn't have fun in Eugene when it was there--well, except for the end result. But you might remember the group above! We creatively crafted our outfits which included hand made Nicole Powell two color mouthguards which inadvertantly baked a little too long in the oven and became, well, I'm not sure what! The highlight of our time was when we threw a plastic inflatible basketball to the OSU Beaver who had just lost a basketball to one of the ushers--who wouldn't return it. The Beaver was subsequently kicked off the floor! Oh, and getting our picture taken with Nicole and her real mouthpiece--that was fun, too!

Then the event came to SJ and we had to top that so we went with the Helmet look--nothing like a bunch of old gals, a couple of glue guns and some craft materials for a night of fun! Oh, there might have been a few alcoholic beverages involved too.......

Unfortunately they were so heavy that we spent weeks recovering and getting physical therapy, but the helmets live on and have made subsequent appearances at our Auctions!

This year, we have no plans as of yet.....but you never know! We seem to always come up with something, even at the last minute.

Last year there were a couple of good signs going on including this effort which worked great as long as everyone stayed in the right formation.

So here’s the deal—WE MUST MAKE THIS OUR HOME COURT! It is up to all of us to be a little loud and crazy so that we help take advantage of this event being in the Bay Area. We may not always have it here! So wear your Cardinal, bring your signs, wave those pom poms, and SCREAM REAL LOUD! Remember--it's always fun to cut down the nets!

Hope to see all of your FBCers at our Reception—make sure that you have contacted Eileen for tickets!

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