Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hey, Where are the Banners?

Have you noticed that the many banners that were in Old Maples are not in New Maples? This isn't the best picture, but you might remember it looking something like this before. I don't have any pictures of all of the banners that were everywhere in the rafters--celebrating women's basketball, and volleyball as well as men's basketball--but there were a bunch! It's not like there aren't things to celebrate! Heck, most schools put something up just for making the NCAA tournament--Stanford has National Championships, Final Fours, Pac-10 titles, NIT titles and on and on! This is a Legacy to be proud of!

So we think we'd like to see them return and you can help to:
Goal: to have the banners up for the NCAA Sub Regional in March

Communicate to: bowlsby@stanford.edu
or via mail:
Bob Bowlsby, Athletic Director
Department of Athletics, Stanford University
Arrillaga Family Sports Center
Stanford, CA 94305
(ask Bob to forward your thoughts to John Arrillaga as well)

It is important to:
1) Acknowledge and celebrate past achievements
2) Create a visible recruiting tool
3) Let opponents know the Legacy they are up against
Please make your POSITIVE thoughts and feelings known
and make sure you communicate that we want all Maples sports to be recognized.
We also hope to create a petition so look for those at upcoming games.
Please just take a few minutes to send your thought along and let's see how we can affect this positive change! We don't want the great Tradition of Stanford Women's Basketball to be lost!


  1. Great idea, Dana! I'll be sending along my thoughts to Bowlsby...and I encourage all who read this blog to do the same. We have LOTS to be proud of at Stanford - for ALL sports.

  2. I wrote to Bob and got nothing back from him. While he talks a great game I wonder if he is really committed to this concept. Surely the Arillaga money can't buy Stanford's soul. The banners should be up! The teams have a tradition to be proud of and more to aspire to!

  3. I agree with all of you. We have spent years and lots of money supporting our teams; I'm as proud of those banners as the teams who won them. Let's put them back where they belong so that our athletes can feel a sense of pride in carrying on the Stanford winning tradition.

  4. Thanks for posting this Dana. I sent an email to Bob and cc'd Eileen, Scott, and my friends who are Season Ticket Holders and fellow FBC members as well. I hope lots of us will respond. Looking forward to signing the petition!