Friday, December 15, 2006

Auction a Great Success!

Just wanted to take a minute to let you all know how we did on the On the Road Again Auction. To say it was a great success would be an understatement!

This year’s gross was $39,724, which was a small increase over last year. BUT, last year we were fortunate enough to have Pat Summitt donate a chance to sit on her bench for the Stanford game which brought in $5,000. This year we didn’t have that but were still able to exceed last year’s total—a great achievement!

In addition, the Committee was able to significantly reduce the Auction expenses which means more to the bottom line. Included in that was the donation of the two IPods that were raffled and brought in $1,115. Many thanks to Millie Rancatore and Nancy Sabbag for their very generous donations!

I sure hope that you were there to see the great On the Road themed decorations and all of the terrific items. One of the most special was a quilt that was made by Jayne’s mom, Pam Appel. It featured the Rock and Roll theme used in the media guide and was spectacular. It kicked off the live auction portion of the program and got the whole place buzzing. Bidding on all items after that was fast, fun and furious. I am glad to report no fisticuffs over any items—only a few glares during some very competitive bidding.

I hope to have some pictures to share soon so I can tell a little more of the story.

From my perspective, being the Emcee is a lot of fun, especially when the team gets involved. Usually we have pre-set auctioneers, but this year we played it by ear. I was standing on the stage and heard someone say “Miss Dana, Miss Dana!” so I turned around to see Melanie Murphy—who was begging to be an auctioneer! She was marvelous as were Ros and Candice who followed. We even got Clare up there for a little while, though she was scared off when Mel called her “Grandma”! Made me wonder what she would have called me. 

Every year at this event, I just marvel at these student-athletes. What some might consider a boring time with some old, goofy boosters, they actually embrace and enjoy. It sure makes it a lot nicer for us all to continue to support a program that has such great young women. Seeing Candice sprint off the stage to thank a very high bidder for the seat on the Stanford bench for the Tennessee game next year—after she had skillfully highlighted and sold it—was a great sight!

This event only comes to fruition due to a bunch of very dedicated volunteers. The Fund Raising Committee is tireless in making sure this event runs smoothly. From decorations to item displays to advertisement to getting items to tracking gift certificates to checking everyone out, it is one great team effort! So it’s time for some thanks all around!

Laura Sprague—my right hand bailed me out time and again! “Spragoo” did all of the music, the road signs, most of the auction displays, coordinated volunteers and got the balloons. All that and she designed our logo as well. I owe her big time, which scares me.

Su Schaffer—once again, made the check in/out run seamlessly. She and her great crew do it year in and year out!

Deb Gumbley--not only did she contribute those great photos that brought in over $600, but stepped in and did displays during our darkest hour. Also created all of those cool post card prints that decorated Arrillaga.

Katrina Bennett and Donna Rancatore—foolishly thought it would be fun to help out and were always on hand to do whatever was needed. Their mistake, however, was being so good we are counting on them even more for next year!

Judy Sweeney--Though sicker than a dog, she finished the catalog and got it printed out on the Saturday before the Auction.

Katy Carrel—She is the caretaker of all of the gift certificates that we get and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Nothing worse than selling something and then you can’t find it—but that doesn’t happen under Katy’s watch. Besides, it was her birthday!

Behind the scenes but no less valuable were Ann Alexander, Harriet Benson, Jennie Greer, Lisa Hocevar, Sheryl Humble, Lynne Klaeveman, Denice Merlo, Nancy Sabbag, Bob Stevens, Jo Sturdivan and Lily Wong!

Then there was our great crew of Auction day volunteers who helped us set up, monitor tables, sell raffle tickets, do check in/out and clean up! Thanks to—
Andre, Clara, Robie, Cathy, Sally, Joyce, Karen, Judy, Dee, Pete, Valerie, Joan, Jay, Gay, Sue, Margie, Jeanne, Kelly, Mitch, Millie, Shirley, Merralee, Patty, Arlene, Natalie, Kiriyo, William, Diana and Deanna—y’all are the best!

Special thanks to all of the help provided by Coach Tucker—who often just looks at us and smiles, despite what she might really be thinking. We also appreciate her sign making ability! Eileen Roche is “Da Bomb” even though I know she is always nervous about what we might do next—really, she helps us pull it together every time! And Dee Dee Zawaydeh—getting donations, doing mailings, whatever it takes.

Lastly (and not leastly!), thanks to everyone who attended and bid on items. Even if you weren’t successful in getting the item that you didn’t need, but couldn’t live without, you added to this fun and successful event! If you would like to weigh in on the auction, let us know your thoughts by using the comments link at the bottom of this blogs. Good or bad, we'd like to hear from you!

Next up for Fund Raising will be the Shootathon—keep your eyes peeled for more info soon! In the meantime, Happy Holidays to all and Go Cardinal!

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