Wednesday, February 02, 2011

More FBC

My last Blog created a lot of traffic and comments.  It is really great to get such a good reponse.  Just like most everything, communication is the key to solving issues!

Let me see if I can answer or comment to as much as possible.

I think there is a misconception about "joining" the Fast Break Club to attend events.  FBC events, whether in Maples or Kissick or Arrillaga, are open to EVERYONE.   Doesn't matter whether you are a Buck/Cardinal member or not, so don't think that attending will only be if you "sneak" in!  Marion does a great job of making sure that events are front and center on the website.  Also, we have revitalized the FBC twitter account and this is being used regularly to send out info.  Please make sure to follow stanfordfbc on Twitter!

A lot of folks asked about the paying for the floor in Arrillaga issue.  I should have been clearer in how the $$ is accounted for.  All Stanford departments must pay for Facilities services through their budget.  This is not actual cash changing hands but is allocated as used to each department none the less.  The pricing is set by Facilities and not negotiable by each department.  So while the actual amount may seem high to those of us out of the loop, this is a Stanford policy that cannot be changed.

The BTB (Behind the Bench) postgame events will continue in Maples--again, a good thing if you consider it will give access to people who might not know that such events even exist.  But, as much as possible taking into account the budgetary issues, selected postgames will be held on Dallmar Court.  Currently, the plan for the Senior Day tribute is that it be held in Dallmar.  Keep checking the website for more details.

"Does one need to donate to Buck/Cardinal to be on the FBC Mailing list?" 
I am assuming this is in regards to the weekly email sent out.   Yes, that is the case and that is primarily due to the fact that the 800+ member email list is maintained through the B/C.   However, if you have joined for next year, please contact Eileen at and she can set you on the path to get added.  But I must add that the info in the email is almost always duplicated either on the website or Twitter.  The scouting report is from a different source but schedule and event info is always available.

So why should you donate to the Buck/Cardinal Club?  They have their own set of benefits that are listed here, including that coveted Parking Pass!  But, as I mentioned in my last Blog, it is simply a personal decision to monetarily support any team or cause.  If you are doing it to go to FBC events, you don't need to!  Or perhaps you can take the approach that Marian does when she commented, "I get nothing tangible from my donation to women's basketball, but the satisfaction of supporting a program that gives me so much pleasure is priceless."

My comment "Frankly, in the past, we did not receive much feedback on the auction that would indicate that it was all that popular with attendees" got some feedback.  I know that we were still raising a good amount of money but, as a volunteer for this event, I actually see it on a different level. 

Was there a sense that this had become, as Su said in her comment, "a tired expectation" --absolutely. 
Had the money raised and attendance been declining--yes, indeed. 
Were volunteers burning out--you bet.
Were new people stepping up to help out--no.

It was time for a rest and revitalization and that was why it was not held this year--not because of some attempt by the Staff to discontinue FBC events.  This event is really, really, really labor intensive both for volunteers and folks in the Office.

To keep the path of communication going, we are trying to figure out a method to set up something on the website akin to a Suggestion/Question Box so that concerns have a place to land and be addressed.  Hopefully, that can be rolled out soon.

In the meantime, if you have something that you'd like to bring up, feel free to email me at  I probably won't know the answer, but I sure can find out as long as it is something reasonable. 

Lastly, there was one comment that I feel the need to address--

"It is hard to convince people how great it is when Buck/Cardinal giving and decline in FBC events correlate."

If you get the chance, ask one of the Coaches if the change to Buck/Cardinal has helped them out.  More donations, more donors, more time spent coaching, not fund raising.  If we get back to the core of supporting the program, shouldn't the success of the Team and Staff be the measuring stick? 

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  1. Thanks Dana! I certainly agree the benefits of being a FBC member, even under Buck/Cardinal club umbrella is still a very positive and unique aspect of being associated with Stanford women's bball. Like you, I've been to many opposing team venues and know fans of other teams, including UConn and TN, but none of them have the access and connection to the team as we do, especially the pre game chalk talks to hear comments from the parents. I know in year's past it took time for the coaches to 'manage' the FBC and $, which again they didn't have to, so I'm very glad the Buck/Cardinal club partnership/alliance has freed them up to do their job- to coach our amazing team. :)

    Going from aprox. 300 members to 800 is great news! However, as you pointed out, success comes a with price as there will be growing pains with change. During the transition, I thought the coaches and FBC leaders have maintained a great balance to support the team and fans. I also agree it was okay to take a break on the auction. Bring it back next year with bang- to show off the 2011 NCAA trophy. Just sayin. :)

    There were times that I was confused about the location of post game events, but I just ask other FBC members at Maples at halftime, or email them before the game. Again, everyone is welcome and it's a great honor (and trust) to listen to the team and coaches. I also like that we don't have to show our membership badges because I always forgot mine :) It's too bad about not going to Dalmar court, but as you pointed out, it's tough economy and we have to make due and be flexible.

    Lastly, I wanted to add that this is a great forum! No other team has a website for all fans to see and read and doesn't require $. I love the one stop shopping to read articles, links to pictures, twitter, blogs, alumnae news, etc. So thanks to all those who make the effort to have such a great forum and organization for our team.

    Go Card!