Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hold On, Santa's Comin'!

The North Pole was flooded
With mail from far and wide.
Just so many letters
That Santa just sighed.

"I've so much to do!
What about the recession?"
And slowly he sank
Into a bit of depression.

"I had planned a short roadtrip
To Knoxville and DePaul
But I got so darned busy
That I couldn't go at all!"

"And I hear, in my absense,
A few things went wrong
Which meant that road trip
Seemed especially long!"

Santa took a deep breathe
And leaned back in his chair
And came up with a plan
To help clear the air.

"As soon as this is over
And the kids have their toys
I'm heading to Maples
For some post-Christmas joy!"

"I owe it to My Cardinal
To be in that place
To win a few big games
with Toni, Sara and Grace!"

"So hold on, I'm coming
Chiney, Nneka and Mel
Jeannette, Kayla and Jos
And all will be well!"

"We'll share something special
Yes, that's what we'll do!
Mikaela and Booooothe,
Hannah. Ashley and Lulu!"

With that, Santa smiled
Confident with his plan
To end 2010
With a terrific homestand.

"There will be talk of some streak
And an X team from last year
But my Card will be ready
With nothing to fear!"

And then Santa chuckled
And let out a Ho Ho Ho
And headed back to the workshop
While cheering "Go Stanford! GO!"

Happy Holidays, y'all!


  1. You made my day, THANKS.

    Good to know Santa is ALWAYS dressed as a Stanford fan!

  2. Thanks for some Stanford cheer!

  3. You called it!!!