Thursday, November 04, 2010

Getting My Orange On

Something very strange happened this year--you all know what it is.  The Giants, yes our Giants, won the World Series.  I am pretty sure it is because I watched almost every game plus Kayla threw out a First Pitch, so that sealed the deal.  For a lifelong fan, it was absolute KISMET.

But I must say, this exhilarating run has put me into quite a quandry.  I have noticed that quite a bit of Orange has been sneaking into my wardrobe.

In Baseball, Orange means everything Giants, at least as far as I am concerned.  And since the Giants are usually done by early October, I can safely put my Orange away before Basketball season.  Because we all know what Orange means in Basketball Season and I don't like to touch the stuff.  But with this run, the seasons have bumped right up against each other.  So please forgive me if I wear just a little Orange as the season starts--I promise to snap out of it soon!

This was an almost perfect year of fandom--National Championship game and a World Series victory.  I'm thinking that this Bay Area Magic just might continue into 2011 for the Cardinal.  Anyone up for a parade?

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