Thursday, November 19, 2009

Check out our Auction Page!

With a whole bunch of help from Marian Cortesi, Bob Stevens and Judy Sweeney, we are able to unveil our new Back in the Saddle Again Auction page!

Check it out HERE!

This should be you one stop shop for all things auction, including our newly designed Catalog. We are utilizing a web service called Slide Share which allows us to use PowerPoint as our method of communication. We can upload pictures and info, plus this format is printable, which should be helpful to bidders.

One thing to note--when you open the Catalog, you will arrive at a page that includes a small version of the Catalog. If you look in the bottom right corner of this small version, you will see a small movie screen icon and the word "full". Click on this and you will have a full page version of the Catalog for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure to check back often as I will be making additions on a regular basis as new items arrive. I will make a note on the opening page with info on which items are new.

Also available on the main auction page is info on (amongst other things)--
  • How to donate items
  • How to volunteer to help out on December 13
  • How to bid online if you cannot attend

We hope that this will provide a concise location for your reference to make your auction experience the VERY best!

We are getting real excited about our items , so please take some time and see what there is for you to bid on. Remember, we are the team behind The Team!

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