Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm No Don Anderson

But I had a bunch of fun this year with my trusty iPhone camera!

First Practice

Auction Day

Cameron Indoor Arena--beautiful!

Ros at Duke

Everything is blue at Duke--even Santa

Team at Duke

Headed to Charleston for a few days between games

Colonial greeter
Charleston George Washington memorial

Dawn's popular in South Carolina!

Team at USC


Cats can drive in North Carolina.....

Orange people

Why can't we have stuff like this at Maples?

Pregame fireworks--don't need those!

Think Pink 2009

Shootathon 2009 raises over $21K!

Uncharted territory, but they ended up liking us

Regional Final Sendoff

Bet Cal loved getting this sign done

On to the Final Four!

St. Louis sendoff

The Band rocks!

Evon Asforis joins in

All Right Now!

The Ever Faithful

It was a good city for the Final Four

But remember--not every place is like California!

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