Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Watching from Home

I had planned to go to Cal to see the game live, but a series of mishaps and conflicts kept me from getting up there in time. Thank goodness for television!

Watching a game from home sure is a whole different experience. In many ways, the game does not translate as well on the tube and surely the crowd noise is at a whole different level. There were many times when Haas sounded dead quiet--but I can't believe that was true!

Now, as far as personal behavior is concerned, that is a whole different story. Being in the home setting sets free all of those inhibitions that might cause one to hold ones tongue in public. For example, I yelled incessantly at the screen when Coach Boyle's mother (who has become quite the FSN darling) was on air for a full time out. "Where's Tara's mom? We never see her!", I bellowed. (of course, she probably wasn't there, but I didn't say I was logical)

Of course, having TiVO is a whole different issue. Sometimes plays are watched over and over to PROVE that the refs are wrong--so much so that the game is way over before I have finished watching. This gives me the urge to skip to the end, but I never do!

Then there was that steal by Candice towards the end of the game. I jumped up so fast that I got light headed and had to sit quietly for a minute or two. TiVO allowed me to pause so I missed nothing! Much better than in person when you're watching something else and miss something good!

And my poor dogs. Moos (named for Carolyn) the poodle looks at me in his haute couture way with eyes that say "You have lost your mind!" Bodie (named for Clare) the miniature schnauzer takes the direct approach and runs upstairs to hide.

So I think the best thing is for me to just make sure to get to games. It's better for my health, my dogs' health and the safety of my TV set!

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