Monday, October 01, 2007

What a Great Day!

If you missed the Wine Tasting, you missed a wonderful time! It was a great day to meet up with FBC pals as the season approaches. All of the coaching staff plus our Great Eileen were there to chit chat about summer adventures and what is on tap for the new year.

We also had special guests! Brooke Smith stopped by before going home to pack for her trip to Italy the next day--she looked great and was raring to get started on her new life adventure.

And the surprise guest of the day was Stacey Dales of ESPN and Chicago Sky fame. She was a guest of the Stanford staff and seemed a bit sheepish to be there at first, considering the *ahem* relationship between OK and Stanford. But all was well--we are gracious fans, after all!--and soon Stacey was holding court, surrounded by FBCers. She commented to me that she always thought that Stanford fans were amongst the best in the Nation so I told her to gives us props on ESPN! I must admit, I was starstruck!

Our hosts Randy and Harry from Vino Locale really rolled out the welcome mat--they just love us and the feeling is mutual. We sipped a great selection of wines and supped on marvelous food.

Many thanks to Harriet Benson who pulled this all together--as usual, you're the best! Also props to Katrina and Donna for manning the sign in, Spragoo for the wonderful flowers and Judy for manning the silent auction. BTW, this was not a fund raiser per se, but we did sell off some great items. I will recap the $$ in a later blog. And thanks most of all to everyone who attended--we had a great crowd!

Next Up? FIRST PRACTICE!! Hope to see you there!

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  1. I'm really sorry I missed it! See you all soon!