Monday, August 20, 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

When I was a young sprout, my Mom always told me to savor the time, because as you get older, it goes faster. HA! I thought. Never gonna happen to me! But Moms are always right--now that I am older than my Mom was when she gave me that speech, I just can't get over how fast time flies. Wasn't last season just over? So a few things are hanging around to wrap up and, with a new season approaching, some exciting stuff to look forward to.

First, right before the NCAA tournament started, we held our annual Shootathon. As usual, the team did not disappoint and made enough shots to make donors pay a total of $13,216.11! We thank everyone who was so generous with their $$ and to the Fundraising volunteers who made it all happen.

On a personal note, I took in the Final Four in Cleveland. One of my dearest friends lives there and I have visited the area often--I love Cleveland! I even sat in the Dawg Pound for a Browns game once--how fun was that? Plus, any place where pierogies are haute cuisine is my sort of town. They really did a great job as hosts and it was a terrific FF, considering Stanford wasn't in it. My favorite moment was spotting Kay Yow from our parking garage and having her give us a big wave! (oh, and the night I ate a barrel of chicken wings, but that's another story.)

So what's on tap for this year from your Fundraising committee? First off--our 2nd annual Wine Tasting is scheduled for Sunday, September 9 at Vino Locale in Palo Alto.

FBC members received a flyer along with their renewal form last week and you can also find at:

This year, we are scaling down a bit to make it more affordable for all. At $25 per person, this is a real steal to taste fine wines, eat great finger food and get a chance to chat with the coaching staff and your FBC pals. We will have a few silent auction items, including a chance to sit on the Stanford bench for the USA Basketball and Baylor games. So sign up soon--we'd love to see you there! For those who don't enjoy the Vino, non alcoholic beverages will be available, too.

We loved our calendar last year, but this year, we thought we'd try something new. So we are in the midst of creating our first cookbook. We plan to feature favorite recipes from players and parents, past and present. Maybe Tara will throw something in as well--she always seems to be able to "cook up" a great game plan, right? We could use your help, too--we are asking for FBCers favorite recipes as well--check it out at:

Last, and certainly not least, our big annual auction is on the docket for Sunday, December 16. This year's theme is TV Land--and our little decorating minds are just going crazy with the possibilities. Of course, we will have another year of great Stanford gear, fab vacations and so much more. Keep coming back on this website as we get closer for more details. And if you have anything to donate, please contact Eileen asap! (you know I'll keep bugging you for donations in the coming months, so you might as well get it over with!)

So get ready, get set--the next Season will be here before you know it, just like Mom said!

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