Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Why Volunteer for the FBC?

I sometimes get asked why I originally volunteered for the Fast Break Club. Usually I come up with all the cornball answers like I wanted to meet other fans or that I was a pre-Title IXer who wanted to support young women in their pursuit of playing team sports.

This was all true at the time, of course, but as time goes on, reasons change. As I was thinking recently about our planning for this year’s Auction, I realized it was all about the toilets.

*pause* HUH? OK, let me explain!

Each year, our Auction committee works diligently to come up with a theme and decorations that will make the event more that just a chance to spend money in support of the cause. Several years ago, as Maples was under going a large renovation, we decided on Home Improvement. We wanted to decorate each area in a theme—Tool Shed, Lumber, Paint, Gardening—and I was assigned to Plumbing.

I had so many thoughts of what I should do—maybe some PVC pipe, faucets, sinks? And then one day, out of the blue, I thought “Man, I sure wish I had some toilets!”

So the next day I was driving to work and what should I see but two brand new toilets—right there on Central Expressway. I guessed they had been dropped of the back of a truck as their smashed boxes were right underneath them. I got to thinking that I had the chance at one wish in my lifetime and I just blew it on toilets.

But nearly a week passed and those darned things were still there—nobody had come back to pick them up. I figured it must be some sort of Karma so I persuaded a pal to come along to help me pick them up (we did wait until after dark, just in case).

Auction day dawned and there were my gleaming thrones at the entrance to the Plumbing area—they were especially stunning with the new plungers I bought to put on top. I even put flowers in the bowls. My area was the best (at least, I thought so).

Yes, this is a true story and yes, it does have a point!

Now when I think of volunteering, I think of all of the crazy ideas we come up with while planning events like the Auction, how hysterical we get during our meetings and how much fun it is to work/play with so many great people. I think how lucky I have been to experience all that is Stanford Women’s Basketball. And yes, I think about the toilets!

So if you are looking for some levity and fulfillment all in the name of a great program, why not join us? Along with Fundraising, we are always looking for help on the Communications, Marketing, Membership and Travel Committees. You can join a Committee or help out at games or events—whatever suits your schedule. Contact Eileen at and let her know you’d like to participate!

We are specifically looking for volunteers for the day of the auction for duties such as table monitoring and check-in/out. And heck, maybe if you’d like to help us decorate, you can find what you need, but be careful what you wish for!


  1. Great story Dana. I'm thinking it might actually encourage some folks to step up. I have to admit I initially only planned to volunteer for a one-time thing but ended up having so much fun I've been back doing the auction for quite a few years. Oh, and by the way, My area that year, Home & Garden, was the best. Your toilets were a distant second.

  2. Your blog is always entertaining!